Good grief

Apparently the newer Macs/OS X versions don't let you run stuff you download (or more precisely that isn't installed from the Apple Store) without jumping through massive numbers of high hoops. Good grief.

Android client

So I downloaded and tried to use the android LJ client on my tablet. Epic fail. I can't figure out any way to actually post. I get a textbox, but there doesn't seem to be any sort of submit button. Oh well. I'm mostly hanging out on Facebook these days, but I'm going to try to post here more often again because I do like going back and reading old posts periodically.

Hee hee

I just wrote "good thing I'm not suspicious" instead of "good thing I'm not superstitious" - that should give anyone who knows me a good laugh. I most certainly am suspicious of most things.

I caught the goof in editing so it doesn't count for anything, but I thought we could all use the laugh so I'm owning up anyway.

movies as social events

I'm watching Bye Bye Birdie (the original movie with Dick van Dyke, Janet Leigh, Ann Margret, Bobby Rydell, Paul Lynde, and Maureen Stapleton) and I'm flashing back to an earlier viewing when I was 8 or 9. I was sitting in the main social hall of my synagogue with the actual film on reels projected onto nearly an entire wall. It was just me and 90 or so others and it looked and sounded so much better than it had on television (of course, at that time we either still had or had just jettisoned our black and white televisions - those things just would not break no matter how hard I willed them to disintegrate and I was too much of a goody goody to resort to sabotage. Of course, the original living room replacement is still in my parents' living room now and is almost as old as the b&w it replaced. But I digress...)

While that was a one time thing, the PTA at my elementary school regularly rented films as either events or fund raisers - I'd guess we saw 5-6 a year, mostly Disney live action flicks from the 50s and 60s. My junior high school showed about one a quarter to the entire school in assembly as part of the actual school activities (and while many were classics, some were just quirky fun - The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes comes immediately to mind).

Even with the increased picture and sound quality of modern electronics, those movies just looked and sounded better. I don't know if it was because they weren't readily available otherwise - most of this was either before or just after the advent of VHS tapes and cable was new too - or if it was that they were an event. We went out and met a large group of people and, except for the school assemblies, often had a meal or food and time to discuss and relax before and after the actual show. While not exactly rare, these showings felt special and maybe that colored the viewing experience.

Down memory lane

I went to college in Chicago. I loved the food there, although not necessarily the same things everyone else loved about it. It was where I discovered that a good salad dressing could really turn a mediocre salad into something delicious and that fresh squeezed orange juice bears little resemblance to the stuff that comes in cardboard cartons - especially if you get to squeeze it yourself. I also enjoyed the pizza, of course, although real deep dish pizza has to be eaten piping hot or it's awful so I tended to stick to the thinner kind unless I was actually going to the restaurant. The very best thin crust pizza I've ever had in my life was at a small place called Eduardo's shoved between two major campus hotspots - Ann Sather's (alas, no longer with us) and the Medici. It didn't have the same rep as Giordano's or some of the other pizza options nearby, but in my mind their pizza was better. The crust was flaky and had some crunch but still some level of softness to it, was perfectly layered in garlic and herbs, and just rocked my world.

Last week I found myself lunching at Unos. That particular location had many fewer lunch options than other locations (hopefully that's not a universal trend) and I wound up asking if they would allow me to get a cheese pizza + soup lunch combo. You used to be able to choose between cheese or the pizza of the day, but most locations stopped doing that many moons ago. I really wanted something more than just the soup, though, so I figured it didn't hurt to ask. They said yes, then as an added bonus asked if I wanted regular or flatbread. I selected the flatbread. When I started eating it, I was immediately and viscerally transported back to Eduardo's. They didn't have the same seasoning, but the texture was dead on. I've had Uno's flatbread pizza before but never just a plain cheese one which apparently makes all the difference as that was what I always ordered in Chicago. Their deep dish pizza bears only the most superficial resemblance to real Chicago deep dish, but apparently the flatbread is spot on. Yum.